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Vetco clinics cannot treat sick pets. We do not provide spay or neuter services or emergency care. Our services are for preventive care only.

New to Vetco? Bring your pet's vaccination history to your appointment so the veterinarian can determine if your pet is eligible for a 3 year rabies vaccination. If you do not have your pet's vaccination history available at the time of service, your pet will receive a 1 year rabies vaccination. Medical records cannot be updated after the clinic service.

Prescription heartworm, flea and tick medications are available for purchase at the clinic - a negative test at the clinic is required for the purchase of heartworm medication and your pet needs to be present for all prescription transactions.

You will recieve an email receipt after the clinic containing all your pet's medical records in pdf format. Additionally, your pet's medical record is available for download at your convenience on our website.

If you still have questions, our customer service team is here to help you at 1-877-838-7468.